Christmas is right around the corner. This must be true once premature Christmas decorations have popped up on the streets virtually from nowhere. All of them are designed to trigger, subconsciously, the need for purchasing goods in the name of holiday arrangements.

Primarily, Christmas fiesta focuses on the joy and merriment of familial love and reunion, a celebration of natural affection for a beloved person. And holiday gifts are the user friendly tokens marching as joyous manifestations of this devotion and warmth. We all know the story of the Grinch stealing Christmas, yet we pretty much forget about that in the end everybody became happier once the green cave-dwelling creature returned their presents, moreover, they received some extras as well.

No business person can ignore this fact particularly those who intend to boost their brand popularity, increase sales and win over new customers.

At MyCylex Sitebuilder community a newly updated gallery of holiday icons signals these Christmas lights. Light up your festive website by trying out our new templates and icons.

Let us present you these little images in a more detailed fashion.


We compiled an impressive collection of suggestive X-mas icons to professionally and subtly guide your visitors' attention towards your products and services. Decorate your site as if were a tree. Make it eye-popping and breathtaking!

Here are our four main icon suppliers: IconFinder, FlatIcon, Smashing Magazine and RocketTheme . All of them store and update their stock icon gallery on a regular basis and we have nothing but respect, praise and recommendation for them.

The icons are crafted with commitment striving to cover as many areas from everyday life as possible. They come extremely handy in outlining and putting into practice any Christmas designed website projects. Smashing Magazine is one of the leading providers of freebies, i. e. free icons for public use. Albeit, one should pay attention to the following condition posted in the Terms of use of Smashing Magazine: ”No attribution is required, however, reselling of bundles or individual pictograms is not allowed”. Modifications in size, color and shape of Christmas icons are allowed for one's personal, as well as, commercial use.

FlatIcon, IconFinder and RocketTheme are three other major companies, whose main product is search engine for icons. We collected the most remarkable icons from their stock.

And where exactly can one find these icons? Drag and drop any Picture widget from the Basic widgets group to the working interface of your website. Then click on it in order to configure. Next, press on the Browse Uploaded Images button. In the top left corner click on the Icons. All you have to do now is browse through our categories and select an icon according to your needs.


If you are in search for alternative ideas to decorate your site with we also recommend our brand new backgrounds and patterns that will completely go with any Cristmas icons you have just chosen.

Here are the breadcrumbs you should follow to get to our patterns: Design → Customize design → Customize backgrounds. At this stage you should choose one of the four options. Click on "Drop picture or click to Upload". Once you arrived here you are at an arm's length to reach our Patterns in the top left corner.


Nonetheless, as a final piece of advice let me tell you to use but do not abuse them! The effect and final result might backfire on you!

For any additional information please visit our websites: and ,or turn with your inquiry and questions to us at our Forum. We expect your e-mails at and .

Though it is not Christmas yet, we wish you a pleasant preparation period!