On Easter Sunday in the United Kingdom and the rest of the Christian hemisphere we celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection Christian style after his crucifixion.

The religious holiday takes place after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox. Although today the myth of Easter is firmly connected with the Christian mythology and fandom in Europe its traditional roots were anchored in the pre-Christian period pagan beliefs.


It's another essential holiday a smart business person should take advantage of and seize by its eggs. Every good business lays its foundation on an inventive combination between the old and new. A modern marketing department shouldn't go on without taking into consideration already existing customs, habits, a slice of something conventional deeply embedded in people's cultural heritage and mentality. Once they located a functional bit of reality they will focus on building an entirely new marketable aspect upon it.

So one would be a foolish bunny to let the Easter holiday go by unnoticed for their customers. In the happy communion between cultural legacy and future business prospects, let us take a look at the most widespread Easter practice still lingering on, the egg hunt.

People hold Easter Sunday by decorating, exchanging or searching for eggs, fresh or boiled, laid by chickens and other animals or made of various materials. There is one common aspect to it, namely that the Easter bunny provides people with all these heavenly goods. Children will believe that this marvellous trendy creature comes to their home and out of some mysterious reason hides eggs throughout their garden. And, now, let the search begin!

Some businesses hold Easter egg hunts. These can be competitions to see who can collect the most eggs. Now, it is your turn to explore our Easter themed icons, backgrounds, designs and patterns.

Log into your Mycylex sitebuilder account, go to your editor, drag and drop a Picture widget anywhere into your web page. Click on Browse uploaded images → Icons → Holiday. Then, orchestrate as many Easter experiences as you like! Wrap your products and services into Easter packages, invite your visitors to search for chocolate eggs and locate the Easter bunny between the lines.

Have fun using our new features! It is more than sure that your visitors will also like the interactive games you are inviting them to participate at!