Dear MyCylex website builder users,

We have an important announcement to make. Starting from 29th of March the process of website creation has changed. We have introduced the concept of Trial version for a free site creation, which lasts 30 days after the website has been created. During the Trial period users with an adventurous mindset can experience the magnificent way of creating websites easily with our sitebuilder tool, without any costs. After the free trial period, users who intend to keep their website built with MyCylex have to upgrade their 30 day free trial package to a higher package, that is to say Basic, Business or Pro.



Furthermore, we have to draw your attention to the fact that in case you do not purchase any package by the end of the trial period, you won’t be able to publish any changes and the site will be deleted after 6 months. In the upgraded packages you will find significant differences in the various packs regarding storage, bandwidth, the connection of a custom domain name, the creation of custom email addresses and customer support. Every package has carefully been planned to cover every area in website building from the most essential features to the more complex needs. 

Important Note: Those, who have created a free website till now, will obviously and by all means keep their site, which will be free for good! Thank you for your devotion to our product and that you have stayed with us for so long!

For more relevant information please visit our homepage: You can also write us at Or go to our Forum and you are welcome to ask your questions there too.

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