Even more so with our new holiday-themed features: Santa hat and Let it snow! Give them a try and let your website be wrapped in the magic of Christmas.


Once December pops around the corner, we can feel times changing with the coming of winter. The air gets a little crispier, people become more cheerful, holiday decorations spring seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly, it’s all about hot cocoa, warm scarves and getting cozy by the fire.


You might recognise these “symptoms” as the infamous Christmas spirit. During this special time, it’s not very hard to feel the magic floating in the air and let yourself go with the Christmas flow.


However, on the more practical side, why not admit that “the season to be jolly” is also a great season for increasing sales, brand popularity and maybe gain a few new customers? With this in mind, MyCylex Sitebuilder brings you two special gifts for this holiday season: the Santa hat and Let it snow features.




It’s very simple to dress your website up for the holidays and give it a fresh, festive look. All you have to do is sign in to your account, go to Dashboard and Edit site, and on the top part of your page you’ll find the two buttons, “Add Santa hat” and “Let it snow”. The “Add Santa hat” option places a red Santa Claus hat on top of your website’s logo, while the “Let it snow” feature brings a peaceful snowfall on your page. Imagine having a first time visitor on your website -  they’ll likely be very impressed that you took the time to bring some winter magic to your page! It will make a great first impression, driving your customers to see that you care about your business and the way you present it.

Plus, your regular customers will also have a great surprise when visiting your website. You’ll be the merry business spreading joy to its patrons!


If you’re feeling particularly excited about the holidays this year, remember to also check out our Christmas templates, photos and icons. Keep in mind not to overdo it though, it can be easy to get swept up in the magic of the moment..




As simple as it is to implement a little Christmas magic on your site, it’s just as easy to remove it, when the holidays have passed: just click the “Remove Santa hat” or “Stop snowing” buttons.


For any additional information, please feel free to contact us at info@mycylex.co.uk.


We wish you a merry Christmas and an excellent holiday season!

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