At MyCylex Sitebuilder you will find the latest, ultramodern high-resolution stock images. You can gain free access to them while building your website.


Photos, in general, are the best way to draw your visitors' attention to the products and services you are interested in putting on the market. Let me straighten out one thing in advance: one cannot build up a website using stock photos exclusively. At a certain point you have to provide an original photo or two presenting your merchandise. Google will index your site poorly if it contains no originality. Stock photographs function primarily as an aid for impossible/hard to solve situations. Nevertheless, don't get all disillusioned. In the following let me illustrate some of the benefits of dealing with stock images.

Everybody is well aware that professional photo sessions can be a real pain: the set, the wage of the actors, the royalties of the artists and other contributors, the costs of post production, etc. can truly skyrocket your budget. On the other side of the coin there are the original photos taken on the spot taken either by yourself or a nonprofessional. These may represent a high moral value, while you will find yourself personally attached to them. On several occasions, however, amateur photos are not properly lit, the framing is not satisfactory, the final product can be blurry. All these obstructing factors can be shut out once you select images from a larger professional variety, which, obviously, had already been filtered.

Furthermore, they are always at an arm's reach. Setting up a photo session under professional circumstances is quite an overwhelming assignment. In real life every business entrepreneur and website owner requires the proper representation of their venture as soon as possible, as fast as possible. International communities dealing with the best quality photos can be contacted within a matter of seconds. At MyCylex Sitebuilder you do not have to turn to anyone since we have acquired the cream of the crop. (One more note on the previous topic: a thorough investigation of terms and conditions is highly recommended since it will shed light upon the fact that not all Free Image sites are, in fact, really free of charge). This is not the case either with MyCylex nor the following websites, which granted us the rights to use some of their photos without charge.

1. Pixabay ( visit here: )

2. Imagebase ( visit here: )

3. Unsplash ( visit here: )

4. Splitshire ( visit here: )

Once you selected several stock images, even if you feel you have no personal connection, whatsoever, to them, they can always be spiced up a little (depending on, again, the official terms of use).

Provided that you wish to upload an image to your website drag-and-drop the Picture widget to a specific location on your page. Click on the Settings button. A pop-up window will open, wherefrom you have to select the option Browse Uploaded images, and then, Stock images. A rich gallery of categories will appear. Visit each category and check out every image! Once you have decided whichever to use hover over the image with your mouse and press the green button to add the photo to your website.

One more tip: Better visit our galleries on a regular basis since we update them frequently and we wish to keep on surprising you with new photos!

Under time restraints you have to act in the blink of an eye. Visit this gallery and type in keywords for an image. In other words, in our improved database labyrinth we surf with sophisticated search engines to help you find the right image rapidly. The images, therefore, are ready and available for instantaneous use. You have the chance to download it without stressing yourself over the organization of an actual photo session. In several cases one doesn't even have the opportunity to take travel, unique model, nature or location photos. Would you deprive your visitors from the sight of the Eiffel Tower just because you haven't been there? Go and find the image of an exotic location in our database. If you are still not convinced of the advantages better look closer at the images used by professional bloggers in their writings.

And finally I have to share some of their drawbacks as well. You can't use them as representative images for official company profiles, E.g. on Facebook and Twitter. As I stressed out before one can't build a flourishing campaign merely on stock photos, they are just subordinates for a genuine solution, which come chop-chop when in need. The essential idea of your venture, however, can get across by putting together various stock images to create that unique picture!