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Delicate Elegance Events
MyCyclex Web Address
I'm struggling to get the actual web address for my MyCyclex website to paste into URL's for other sites. Every time I paste the link you sent me via email I get into my Web where I can access and change my website. I'm looking for the actual http://www..... address. Could you please assist me. Regards Ronelle
MyCyclex Web Address

Dear Ronelle,

The URL address (subdomain) of Your mycylex website is: http://delicate-elegance-events.mycylex.com . You created it at https://www.mycylex.com . If you are logged into your mycylex.com account and click on the link, you will access its editor interface. However, it is only you that can see the website this way. Your visitors will see it already published. Congratulations for the site, it looks fascinating. If there is anything else, we can assist you with, please turn to us with confidence. Regards, the mcyclex community