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Templates, colour swatches and layouts

Pro-ductivity Systems, LLC
I picked a template with a web form on the left side. When it opens in the editor, the template does not seem to look like the one I picked. The banner is not the same nor is there a web form on the left.


From what you told us you would like your website to resemble with the template design that appears on the left side. But, the template design from the left side is just an example that shows you how your website will look with that theme. In order to create your website similar with the example from the left side, you have to use different widgets, for example the "Content Splitter" widget that enables you to place elements side-by-side, or the "Contact form" widget, "Picture" widget , "Title with Paragraph" widget in order to add texts on your website and so on.

On the left side you can see five main widgets: "Basic Widgets", "Commerce Widget", "Form Widgets" , "Media Widgets" and "Social Widgets". Each of these contain different widgets you can use on your website. Just choose one, click on it and drag it into your website, then edit it.

Also, if you want to change your banner, mouse over it until you see the message "Edit banner", then click on it and a window will pop-up. From here you can change the image of your banner by clicking " Change image" (situated in the bottom of the banner image). Now all you have to do is to choose an image, either from our "Stock images", either you upload one from your personal computer, by clicking on the green " Upload a file" button.

In order to obtain more information, please visit our Help manual situated at the top of your website page (next to the "Sign Out" button). Also, you can find here http://www.mycylex.co.uk/video-tutorial some of our video tutorials.

Please let us know if this works or if you would like our customer support team to guide you through the process.


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