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Dog World

Vets, dog trainers and pet shop owners are advised to use this template to present their unconditional love and services dedicated to the four-legged.

Dog Sitters

Dog Sitters is dedicated to canine services. With heart warming pictures and creative icons the template will surely convince your visitors.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea emphasizes all the pleasures this aromatic beverage has to offer to its consumers. Roiboos, Black, Red Teas, kits are also available.

Equestrian Club

Equestrian Club presents a riding paradise for horse lovers. Photos show a deep communion between riders and animals. This country club is a must-see!


Dahlia offers a dazzling design with mind-blowing colours. It has a perfect interface to upload and share countless photos, portfolios in an organized way.


Choose Insurance in order to present the following assurance services: Health, Travel, Business, Life, Building, House, Auto, and Other protection.