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Template Color


The design of this template will promise heavenly cuisine pleasures for the sweet toothed. The combination of colours and pictures wishes Bon appetit!

Dog World

Vets, dog trainers and pet shop owners are advised to use this template to present their unconditional love and services dedicated to the four-legged.

Pool Fun

If you need an interactive website this eye-popping template with playful illustrations is the perfect choice for your professional swimming school!


Using this template to show your dedication towards nature and wildlife preserving activities will definitely have a huge impact on the general public.

Medical Center

Medical Center wishes to promote Family Medicine, Surgery, Dental- and Paediatrician Clinic. The light, classy style suggests that you are in good hands.


Handyman is at hand with this light and modern template. Advertise your home Repairs, maintenance, remodelling and plumbing services with it efficiently!